Royal Assassin (Farseer Trilogy #2) by Robin Hobb


This is the one time where I want to go back and change my rating of the first book of the series to a four star rating to prove how much this one’s five star rating indicates my feelings. It is very rare for me to enjoy the second book of a series so much more than the first (review : #1). In the very beginning of this tale, I was a little put off by the apparent relish the atrocities committed by the raiders was depicted. Once I got past that (third chapter or so onwards), it was an exciting and thrilling journey.

At the end of the first book we left Fitz in a dire situation but having proven his loyalty to his king. In this we see him grow into the life he is leads, the multiple ways he is pulled in all direction. Through it all, his Loyalty (notice the capital L) gives him fuel to go down the path chosen for him.Loyalty has always been one of those qualities that has fascinated me, its origin is uncertain. One’s values need not appeal to you for them to claim your loyalty or you to provide it. There are so many possible outcomes that could have been if the choices had been a little different. Some follies were apparent, while others were not all they seemed. There are swirls of emotions tossed amongst the other colours of court intrigue and unfulfilled ambition. It has many nail biting situations while the King wastes away and the troubles that attack their shores intensifies. There are so many more people in this book that it feels very vibrant. It feels like time well spent just because most of their causes seem so justified in the situations they find themselves in. It ends in such a way that I cannot imagine what the next book may hold for me.

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