Sci Fi

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel


I have just one book to read to reach my goal of reading the books I got from the library. This in turn does mean that my advance copies and kindle copies are languishing with lack of attention. I still have a few days to pay attention to them.

I saw such rave reviews of this book on multiple blogs and I decided to give it a shot too!.  Every time I find that the waiting queue for a book praised online is non-existent at my library, I do not first check if I have the time to actually read them before clicking on the request button. This habit needs to be toned down and maybe in a parallel universe I have managed to control that impulse, I see no signs of it happening here any time soon. This book is a dystopian scenario which reminded me slightly of The Book of M by Peng Shepherd. I have not read too many dystopian scenarios so I may just be seeing the basic underlying cause of the unravelling of the World as we know it, as the similarity. This cause is something uncontrollable and something which catches the whole world off guard .

There is a flu that wipes out a large chunk of the civilization of the world. The relatively unknown strain of flu makes it appearance at the same time as an actor’s death on stage. The story moves forwards and backwards watching the lives of some people who are connected to the said actor and others are just people who are also suffering. A new format of life has become the norm and in this harsh future a group of travelling actors and a symphony stumble upon an unrest. There is no moral of the story or even an actual end, and the writing does not have a particular set style. These factors make this book unique and an interesting read. The people are all well fleshed out and are more than they appear at first glance.

I hope that this streak of actually reading the books at the actual time I originally planned to is giving me hope for my future plans for the week.

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