11 Missed Calls by Elisabeth Carpenter


I am a bad audience for thrillers of this sort. I admit this at the beginning so you can read the rest of the review bearing this in mind. I have been on a hiatus because of having a very active social life with family. This meant that I read the book in parts. It was very fast-moving till the turning point where it understandably slows down.

This story has two unreliable narrators, a mother and daughter separated by time and by circumstances. Both never got a chance to know each other. Why that would be the case is what the book is all about. Debbie is suffering from mental pressure, something is not right and she can’t seem to put her finger on the reason why.She is struggling to care for her daughter Anna. In the present, we meet Anna who has always dealt with her mother’s absence by having her present in her thoughts and which sometimes borders on the crazy. There is chaos in terms of what events are being described to us. There is a lot of analysis on the balance of relationships amongst the various characters, some of which I felt could be further developed. Overall it was a good book, with enough elements to make its place in the thriller category.

I might soon be making a comeback with more reviews soon.

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