The Retreat by Mark Edwards

The Retreat

This review is unusually being written days after having read the book. I have to mention this because it is not very often I let things simmer this long. Hectic days and more important things interfered but now I am going to try to give the most accurate picture of it I can

I may not have liked the previous books by the author as much as I did this one, but I have to admit one thing that is  consistently good. The author sets a perfect atmosphere of gloom and suspense which you can feel. This particular tale borders on horror, featuring a horror writer who is languishing from a case of writer’s block and loneliness.He has made his way to a writer’s retreat in a remote location where he once lived as a child. The lady running the show, has a sad past. Two years earlier, her daughter vanished. We are given the hints that she is taken but nothing more though there is an ongoing narration by the daughter. Lucas is attracted to both the story and the lady bearing its weight. It bears a scary resemblance to his bestseller about a creature of the night who feeds on little kids near a river. There is also something overall odd about the whole town. I do not know why, but I was reminded of how I felt as a child when reading the Fear Street stories of RL Stine (There were a few very good ones).

Lucas and Julia have to work together to untangle the mess around them. In doing so they may put more than one crazy mystery to rest. There are so many red herrings thrown in to trigger speculation but it did not annoy me as it sometimes does. It made me feel better when my guesses(yes, multiple ones) turned out to be the wrong ones!There is a dark edge to a lot of the story especially towards the end.To those familiar with the author or find anything that sounds remotely dark and suspenseful as their cup of tea, this book is for you.I heard it on audio and therefore am not sure how much of my enjoyment of the book was due to the great narration. My recommendation therefore is to try the audiobook.

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