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Heavy Duty Sewing: Making Backpacks and Other Stuff by Anton Sandqvist


I am yet to kickstart any project that I successfully complete and bring out in public on my sewing machine. I thought requesting this book would give me added insight on the complexities involved in more complicated projects than a basic pillow cover or quilt.

I did not have the time to attempt any of the designs provided in the book before my access to the ARC ran out. They seemed detailed and with enough information for execution. There is more practical knowledge provided in the book in the form of the projects and does not have too much of the generic information you expect in such books.

It is an interesting angle to approach sewing in current practical uses. It would be a boon for those with more adventurous disposition when it comes to hand-made enterprises.

P.S: I am making my way slowly and steadily through my enormous NetGalley ‘To-read’ list. Which means I may be making more frequent posts. This of course is subject to how I spend my non-reading time which may encroach onto the quieter reading time.


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