Every Single Secret by Emily Carpenter

Every Single Secret

This is another audible book that I admit I gave a full four stars not because of the story itself but because of the awesome narration. To all those who have this book on their TBR, I would recommend turning to the audio version narrated by Kate Orsini.

The story begins from a sort of turning point for our leading lady, Daphne. We know she is in some sort of precipice but if it is of her own making or not we are not sure. The story goes back and forth from this point to the past till the two intersect and continue from there. It is not really a spoiler if I admit we will never know Daphne’s complete true picture at any point. Daphne’s fiance suggests a couples retreat for the two of them to figure out the cause of his debilitating nightmares.

Once at this remote location locked up from the rest of the world things start to get creepy. Things escalate to the point that we are not sure which picture presented to us is even close to the truth. It is a character based story, heavy on the mood. Daphne is a multifaceted, traumatized person who makes a perfect person to set up the background of what we are to watch unfold. If I had read the story by myself I might have just given it three stars, but the experience of hearing it all take place stepped it up a notch!

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