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Mid Year Stats – 2018

A thing that I have watched enviously from the sidelines since I started blogging were pretty tables everyone put up to indicate the enormous amount of data hidden within their reading .

I decided to give it a shot a while back and I had a lot of time on my hands today and thought I should finish it. It was meant to be a year end plan but I am so excited by the look of the whole thing (who would have thought!) that I am going to publish a mid year version too.

This basically means my end of year non-review related posts have just multiplied.Hope you find this as entertaining as I did.

I need to mention in case you are unaware, reading is pretty much my day job. This reflects in the numbers!

First we have count of books by Genre. I was glad to see I managed to keep a sufficiently varied profile!

Additional comment added after some feedback: The total tally was 206. The following graphs use the data from all those books.

books by genre.jpg

There is no debate on the gender of the authors that I have read this year. Unfortunately I did not keep tabs on narrators, next year I intend to!

books by genre

My non fiction category needs a lot more of work! books by genre.jpg

I wanted to play around with the numbers to see what genres have either more female or male authors. This of course is still from the books I read this year.

books by genre.jpg

Another graph I did for fun.

books by genre.jpg


All my Advance Reviewer Copies are all Ebooks too, but still had to keep them apart.

Books by Gerne

Books by Gerne


I did not do a page count or anything of that sort. but my biggest book so far was The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive #1) by Brandon Sanderson at a 1007 pages and the smallest Books and Bricks: Rebuilding Manyano School by Sindiwe Magona at 20 pages.

I think I will be slowing down a lot from this pace in the coming half of the year. I know the finish of this post may not be the way I envisioned it, but I am still happy about it!

Do check out my Six in Six – 2018 Edition post for the mid year stats of a different kind.

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