The Love of a Family by Rebecca Shaw

  I requested this book via NetGalley because I was in the mood for a family feel good book amidst more serious ambitions.

The story is of an ordinary couple who are living in a sort of limbo. Into this sedentary life their nephews move in with them when their father dies. Myra is not so pleased with her husband’s stance that this should happen.It is a tale of two unhappy people whose existence changes drastically.

You watch the changes, but the constant back and forth in the mind of Myra(she has never healed from her past) was starting to get annoying, she gives in to change and then reconsiders her position.Her husband was the saving grace who decides to suddenly stop being a doormat. If it had happened even one less time, or more gradually (that us if eventually she decided on a stand) I would have given this book five stars. For those who are not as finicky as me, it will be a good read. It is the journey of lost souls who find a way to make it work.

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