The Good Son by You-jeong Jeong

The Good Son

I have read quite a few books with unreliable narrators, and this tale ranks pretty high up on the list of particularly good ones. This was the first fiction book that I got a link for from NetGalley and the blurb was provided. I did not immediately get a chance to read it because of a busy schedule and it is the first time that I have books pending for more than three months!

We meet Yu-jin as he is trying to figure out why his mother is dead and too much evidence seems to be pointing in his direction. He keeps getting some parts of his memory of the night before back but as he is trying to assimilate the situation, more players stir up trouble. Among them feature police,his brother and his Auntie. We get to hear a lot of his thoughts and the way his mind is trying to make sense of the ongoing events. The twists and the some of the revelations took me by complete surprise. I would say the translator did a very good job and none of the dialogues seem to out-of-place in the book. I felt like I could understand the scenario our ‘good son’ was painting for us. I think the pacing of the story is its highlight, as it gives us ample time to create very fixed notions in our heads while keeping us blind from the actual story. I am sure there are people out there who might figure the truth out, but for their own enjoyment (though the word ‘enjoyment’ seems a little unseemly to use in this context) I hope they do not.

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