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The Book of Dog by Lark Benobi

The Book of Dog

I got this book off NetGalley because it seemed like an absurd blurb and the reviews on Goodreads were excellent.

This tale is quirky and written well and with a lot of emotion thrown in, with sly digs at a lot of the current political goings on.The story begins with a weird poem but then goes on to tell the story of the poem in prose. There is a yellow fog that is enveloping the world, starting with western USA. This fog is deadly in a strange sort of way ( notice the similar tone of the descriptions used by me, such as strange and weird). It is not a very big story and revealing any more of it will take the fun out of actually reading it.

The most fun can be derived if you can look past the words at the politics that is being discussed. The only reason that I give it only three stars was because I liked the starting poem so much that I expected something different from the rest of the book. I am sure most people who read it would like it more than I did!

P.S: I did not want to come back after so many days of not posting a review with one that seems half-hearted. I did not have a choice in this case, since I usually review in the order of reading and I am only halfway through two other books that I might rave about.

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