The Summer Children (The Collector, #3) by Dot Hutchison

I reviewed the previous book of the series here: Roses of May (The Collector #2).


The last book was an advance copy but this one was an audiobook via Kindle unlimited. I am finally sticking to my schedule as previously outlined in my review of The Council of Twelve by Oliver Pötzsch.  I am glad I listened to this book because though Mercedes was a strong presence in the first two books, having insight into her thoughts and a voice to accompany it added a layer to the experience of the book.

This is the third in the series but has only a backbone connecting the three, each book had a different narrator, a different viewpoint and essentially a different point altogether. This was about the role that their team plays in tracking and solving cases involving kids who are in homes that have a detrimental effect on them. Mercedes has a past that helps her identify with the victims that they deal with. This past may be casting a shadow on her present when children start turning up at her doorstep. They are dropped by someone with a larger plan in mind.Ever so often we are introduced to a frightened girl narrating her past, the identity of this girl is a mystery till almost the very end. It is not a guessing game, you cannot throw out a few possibilities of who the culprit could be. That is not what the story is really about. The only reason I cannot give it a full five stars is because the entire book did not leave me feeling ‘good’. It is a depressing tale with probably a lot of triggers for people like me, but it is filled with strong, good people who care about each other and the greater good as well. That latter reason should be why you read/ listen to this book. I would say it is better than the last two of the series ( maybe because of the listening experience, maybe not). There are a lot of nail-biting moments and a few tears but it works out to some realistic level of stable towards the end of the story. Reading the first book could throw some light on some of the girls mentioned, and the second would help decode Priya but on the whole neither of them are really necessary to read this one.

My current Kindle Unlimited list is as follows:

Toward the Sea of Freedom (The Sea of Freedom Trilogy #1)  Sea of Memories  Astrophysics for People in a Hurry Storm Glass (Harbinger #1) In Farleigh Field A Steep Price (Tracy Crosswhite, #6) 34936739 The Woman in the Strongbox (Missing collection) Letters from the Dead (Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery #7) 39924779

I am really looking forward to all of them!!



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