Sci Fi

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline


Ever since I started blogging, I have seen this book being discussed. This was even before the book became a film ( which I have only seen the trailer of and did not think the actors suited the characters, but who knows, maybe the full movie would prove me wrong). I was not really tempted to add this to my ever-growing list of recommendations from the blogging world. Then in the real world, a friend of mine raved about it. This is the same friend who has recommended very good books in all the years that we have known each other. Then I finally requested it from the library.

As with most good books, I am glad that I did not pass up a chance to read it. Even without much knowledge of the ’80s pop culture, I still enjoyed the entire experience. The story is set in (around) 2045 and the world has succumbed to the energy crisis. This dystopian situation has had a lot of repercussions, the biggest is driving most people into a virtual world for their own sanity. Now this virtual world has a hidden treasure map which hides the key to owning the entire enterprise. Everyone is interested, some more wildly than others. Our main protagonist is Wade Watts. We meet him when is just about eighteen and follow his life from when it changes suddenly. The best part about the book was not just the chase or the fighting or the entire concept as a whole. The relationships amongst the main ‘team’ and the hardships that seem to be part of daily existence in the real world provide depth to an adventure story. If there are people out there who have not given this book a shot (which I really doubt), do check it out!


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