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Crochet Animal Rugs by Ira Rott


I have dabbled ( as I do with most things) in crochet multiple times. My crowning glories were the slightly tight winter hats I made for tons of people last year. When I decided to progress to something more cuddly, the online resources or those of my library did not get me excited about any particular project. Even once I began, the instructions seemed to mumble instead of explain themselves to me. I taught myself crochet only using books and YouTube so I thought that that’s the reason I was having difficulties progressing to making something more substantial.

When I cracked this book open( figuratively, since this is an advance reviewer’s e-copy with an expiration date on it) I was delighted with the tons of instructions provided. Each of the designs comes as a set, a bag/rug/doll/blanket version of some very cute looking animals. After a cursory surfing through it,I concluded that this would be a book well worth keeping around for projects for both home and for gifting ( if they come out as good as they look in the pictures, I do not think I would have the heart to part with them). Further reading of the book did nothing to change that opinion. I intend to get my own copy once I set up a time for me to crochet in!

I received a copy via NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review. 

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