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Aug 2018 Books Vs Moods

My extra long holiday has officially ended. I have big plans for the next few months. It remains to be seen how well I see those plans through(fingers crossed!) I had a great month in terms of the quality of books. The numbers may not be as high as some of the previous months but is (happily) longer than the July 2018 Books vs Moods post.

My Standard disclaimers:

  • I am not writing this in any particular order of preference, they are just mapped with the mood I think the books will be appreciated the most.
  • These are just books I happened to read in August and like enough to recommend to anyone who is reading this to check them out too!
  • Books do not repeat from previous lists and my current list has (mostly) the books rated more than three stars
  • Please do click on the image links to follow through to the complete reviews and of course share/like/comment if anything resonates.

P.S: If you have any other reading mood that you think I could address, do let me know! I am on the lookout for any changes I could add to this ongoing series of mine.

Restless energy (Chase/thrill)

A Merciful Silence (Mercy Kilpatrick, #4)   The Council of Twelve 40519734 12600138

Rainy day read(cosy/comfortable/Tearful)

Marilla of Green Gables  26631470  37926369 Sea of Memories

Reading group analysis( Profound/cerebral/debatable)

31143761 The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle The Benefits of Being an Octopus 34536957

Reading for things to do

Miscellaneous ( I did not want to force this story into any of my other ‘moods’)

The Clockmaker's Daughter



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