The Silent Sister by Shalini Boland


I have reviewed two other books by this author and liked both of them:

Both of the books that I have previously reviewed were books that I have enjoyed (In some sense of that word). This book falls short of the expectations that came with reading another book by the same author. This is the story of Lizzy who is leading a regular life with a lack of colour. Then, things get strange as she starts receiving notes with very vaguely written messages that can be construed as threats. Simultaneously, we are also given a look into the mind of someone who could count as the perpetrator.

The tone of the tale is written well, you can see the desperation of the situation and sympathize with Lizzy but it was hard to empathize with her. I found it equally hard to understand a lot of her actions considering her precarious situation. This and the fact that the resolution seemed too out of the blue, dampened my enthusiasm for this story. The plus points of the book are the writing and the fact that it is not very big, it does not take long to be told what the actual facts were before you tire of the troubles that the protagonist faces. The epilogue as usual packs a punch. This means that a more impartial reader who goes in with no prior ideas might like this more than I did.


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