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Green Almonds: Letters from Palestine by Anaele Hermans, Delphine Hermans

I like to mix a few graphic novels into the mix when I read, mostly because they are shorter and different. I chose to request access to this book via NetGalley because it had an interesting concept.

The story is a memoir of two sisters, told through the letters they sent each other while one was doing volunteer work in Palestine and the other stayed behind in Belgium. It is the story of a conflict I did not have much background on and the narrative got me thinking about it. When you see conflict through the eyes of the people who have suffered, after the fact, there is a tone of relief. Here, you see the relief when a ‘normal’ day occurs in such a chaotic environment. The description is given to us by someone who is not directly invested in the war, but by choosing to live there for an extended period, gets emotionally tangled in it.

It was a good idea, to put the story as postcards and bits of information provided in them. The problem was with the panels themselves( for me, at least). Try as I might, I could not get myself to like the depiction of the people, they seemed a little disproportionate and funnily shaped.This threw me off a book that could have made a bigger impact for me.

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