Birthday Girl by Matthew Iden

  • Narrated by: James Anderson Foster


This follows close at the heels of my last kindle unlimited audio listens. I last reviewed In Farleigh Field by Rhys Bowen. I was supposed to listen to Robert Dugoni’s book but I did not enjoy the beginning much . I have read so many books this year, that I no longer feel inclined to spend time one something that isn’t clicking. I quickly moved it off my Kindle list and got myself something  different to replace it, more on that in just a while.

This book was a recommendation by both Goodreads and Kindle itself. Whenever the screen is turned on from sleep, some ad or a book is displayed(as I am sure all of you know, I just had to mention it to give proper flow to my narration). It is very rare that I look any further into it. The Birthday Girl was shown on both platforms and the blurb looked interesting enough for me to put it on my to-read list. I finally got around to listening to the audio version.

The narration was very good and the ambience set by both the writing and appropriate emotional reading got me hooked to this. It is nine hours long, heard on a slightly faster speed and almost continuously and I was done within a day and half of starting it. There are very evocative descriptions, something that this genre may not be famous for. Finally I come to the story itself. We meet currently homeless Elliot Nash who used to be a man with an important job. This job broke him and a grieving mother has become his one chance at redemption. On the flip side we watch the broken psycho- ‘sister’ who has a very strange family that she controls with fear. We watch as the two stories converge. There are some clever distracting tactics used by the author, the tactic is used more than once in the tale and by the end, you can see it coming. Thrillers with completely random(/shocking) ending sometimes give the feeling of having been tricked. This however, has a slow build up, with bits thrown our way to piece it together correctly but still feel like patting our backs when the final reveal comes our way.

I enjoyed this author’s writing so much that I have replaced this book in the queue with another book by him.

So the new books on my list are


I had to get it once I knew it was avilable! I really like Morgan Dane and her family.

My other books on the list are in the order that I plan to read/listen to them:

22877450   The Woman in the Strongbox (Missing collection) Letters from the Dead (Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery #7) Astrophysics for People in a Hurry39924779 18799615 36604996 39083132

Do you think I should bump any book higher up the reading/listening list?

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