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Vegan Yack Attack on the Go! by Jackie Sobon

I have reviewed a few cookbooks since I started blogging. I realise now that apart from actually appreciating these recipes I should get my food processor out and do something with it. I wonder how long that enthusiasm will last.I guess time will tell.

The ones I recently enjoyed were (pictures link back to reviews, check them out):


I fit a pretty unique category when it comes to checking out recipes online or in books. I am a vegetarian who does not egg ( since most of the non-indian cookbooks do count it under the wide window of veg food items) and whose husband is not a big fan of garlic and onion. Take these out of the equation, and most books are not helpful to me. The above two had multiple options which actually would work without those factors. So I was happy with them.



This time around when I wanted to pick up an ARC with good looking interesting content, I picked this Vegan Yack Attack book. I have not checked out the author’s blog or the previous book so I went into the book with no particular expectations.

This consists of a set of recipes meant to be handy to pack on the go or make in advance. They are mostly quick, simple and look interesting. There is some time investment required in purchasing of the raw materials but overall they should be easy enough to carry out by even those people who don’t count themselves as culinary specialists.

The only problem I had with the recipes was that most of them seem to be for former meat eaters who miss the texture or feel of their old food. I have never been a non-vegetarian and have never really liked mock meat so this did not really appeal to me. This of course is a personal issue. If you are a vegan in a hurry and dislike eating out when you have to constantly check if people have only put appropriate things in your food, this book might be a good investment to make.


4 thoughts on “Vegan Yack Attack on the Go! by Jackie Sobon”

  1. I love reading through cookbooks! But sometimes I’m not ambitious enough to apply anything I learn, haha. I can imagine how tough that would be if your husband doesn’t like garlic or onion, that’s a tricky one. We’re not vegetarian but I do cook it often, seems like some good options here to check out!

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