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Books for Kids – ARC reviews

Once in a while I indulge in reading books for kids. Now I have my niece living nearby and I can actually recommend anything I find interesting.

This time I actually ended up reading three back to back. I decided that it would make sense to review them together since they are tiny books and do not require an extra long review.

Jane Goodall

Mª Isabel Sánchez Vegara,Beatrice Cerocchi (Illustrations)


This is a very concise introduction to the story of Jane Goodall written in the simplest language with colourful pictures. It outlines who she is and how she got there ( enough to catch the attention of a young child!). I have always admired her, It was fun to read about a woman who saw something beyond what most of the others of her time did and had the strength to dedicate her life to it.

Ideas from Nature

by Mary Lindeen

This book is for an even younger audience than the previous one. The book sets out a few examples of day-to-day things that were built/created with nature as inspiration. It is meant to help children who just started reading. It has easy words and a more elaborate glossary and suggestions to teachers/parents to further get them to think.I just wish there had been a few more examples!

Wild Buildings and Bridges: Architecture Inspired by Nature

Etta Kaner, Carl Wiens (Illustrations)

I liked this book so much that I have already bought it. I left reading it till quite a while after I first requested it. I wish I had gotten to it sooner.

The book has very nice illustrations and though is clearly meant for children, it is one that we adults can get quite a kick out of as well. There are descriptions of buildings or bridges that use biomimicry to achieve a set purpose, which is to be stable and flourish in a particular environment. There are details of locations, actual examples and even some architects who are introduced to us. There are a few experiments scattered about which will help retain the facts learnt in the process of reading this book. Overall I think it is a perfect book to introduce children of all ages to architecture and to look at their surroundings differently.

All three books were advance electronic review copies that I got thanks to NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.


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