Drama, Mystery

The Space Between by Dete Meserve

  • Narrated by: Laurel Schroeder, Timothy Andrés Pabon


I had requested and been granted an E ARC for this book via NetGalley. It then sat pending lost among a lot of the other books on my list when I saw that the book was available with kindle unlimited and with audible narration as well. I pushed it jump up the queue and listened to the story on audible.

To be frank I did not enjoy the narration as much as I normally do, mostly because the narrator had a way of ending her sentences that bothered me. Despite that tiny and very, very superficial issue this was a good book. There are many thrillers, with missing people that I have read recently and heard about even more. I begin with this because though there is a missing person in this story, and there are hidden facts that come into the light and suspiciously behaving people this does not fall into the same categories as those thrillers. SO much so that I refrain from labelling it as such.

Sarah Mayfield just reaches home after a triumphant time about her team’s latest discovery to find only her son at home. There is something off at home, she finds out how off a few hours later. Strange things start to pile up. Her husband is missing, there is a gun at home and their surveillance system seems to have crashed. The police and some high power people are all involved in something shady. The highlight of the tale are the people themselves. No one is as they seem. Each person is not defined by individual actions but all of them as a collective group. It was refreshing to read about people who we can read about and imagine without cringing. They aren’t perfect but they are believable.

My kindle unlimited queue will now be refreshed.

I took away two books from my list last and now it looks like this:

The Woman in the Strongbox (Missing collection) Letters from the Dead (Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery #7) Astrophysics for People in a Hurry  39924779 18799615 36604996 39083132 31815415 37759102  

Another pending ARC I found on Kindle unlimited is my latest addition:


How does my list look? Anything that I should attend to first?

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