#FlashbackFriday, Meme

#FlashbackFriday October 2017 – Delayed post :(

This meme is hosted by hosted by Kerry @ Chat About Books on the first friday of the month.It is a look back on the posts that were made on the blog in the same month last year. I forgot to send it out on friday as usual and though I am currently battling sleep, I need to post this asap. I posted on time last month : #Flashback Friday September 2017

Ever since I started doing this meme, I have had the post pre planned and all set to go out on the right time. I cannot believe I missed this friday. It does not matter. I am going to pretend that today is Friday for the purpose of this post. So considering that this is the first friday of the month of October, here is a look at the books I reviewed last year!

They look like a very varied set of books, the start of some great series. This is one of the first flashbacks where I actually cannot believe that a whole year could have passed since I read/listened to these books

Book Posts:

Books Vs Moods V

Books that I gave 5 stars to:

1605034 29537160 482976

Books that I gave 4 stars to:

34146291 33385408 9496240 29986740 533601 33220313 34536956 33160789 26131641 25268529 Rainbird's Revenge 40996217

Books that I gave 3 stars to:

33533834 32856855 25268516 32856809 27906326 

Books that I did not enjoy:


I do not know what to make of my extreme use of the four stars, but maybe someday I will be able to figure that out. Each cover leads back to the individual reviews. Please do try them out!

P.S: Once again I iterate that today is friday! Please bear with my delusion.




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