Historical fiction

Murder at Archly Manor by Sara Rosett

I have read quite a few discussion posts about what constitutes a five-star read. I think of this topic now because, not all of my ratings are not always consistent with what the rest of the world ( at least a significant part of those who read and rate/review them). I do not need a book to have profound value or deal with a hard-hitting issue to make its way to the top. If the book fulfills the role it meant to play in an effective manner, it makes it a five star read for me. This was one such book.

I have a weakness for well written mysteries with very interesting people involved. I started this book because I wanted a break from the kind of books I was reading and was rewarded for making that choice. I read this book in two sittings, two only because I had to sleep. We are introduced to our leading lady Olive Belgrave. She is on a hunt for a job as she’s strapped for cash. Her cousin then gets herself entangled in an unwelcome relationship ( unwelcome by her family that is). Olive offers to look into it in a sort of official capacity.

What unfolds next are a sequence of events which are essential to a tale of this kind: murder,suspicion, misdirection and a final reveal. The highlight of the experience is not the case itself but the world we are introduced to, the people and the goings on. It did feel like the story played out in a very different era.There was some action thrown in and the ending was very believable in context with all that we have been told about the case at hand( that is something that is sometimes hard to come by).

It was very simple but it held my attention and I am really looking forward to what Olive would do next! I actually even found the notes written by the author at the end of the book interesting and felt it an extension of how to understand Olive better.

I do not compare books often but I had as much fun reading this book as I had the following books:

It reminded me of the A Very English Mystery books 1 &2 Elizabeth Edmondson  and Death around the Bend (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries #3) by T E Kinsey

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