Letters from the Dead (Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery #7) by Steve Robinson

I am really loving october so far, I have read such great book and have had responses to my reviews as well! The month is only about half way done, I cannot wait to see how the second half of the month can top this.


I have reviewed the previous books on the series here:

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This is one of the most solid series I have read. There is a consistent value in them, an excitement and food for thought included within the package. I thought the series was wrapped up with the last book but I was mistaken (thankfully!). I enjoyed the audio narration, and as usual it added a whole other dimension to the tension of the search.

Jefferson Tayte has been lying low, having a normal life when a case presents itself. Though he smells a rat at the fleeting mention of a rumoured jewel, he hungers for something to sink his teeth into. With his (now) wife urging him to crack the case for his own good, J.T sets off to Scotland. Letters from the colonial rule in India have indicated a link between a long-lost ruby and the man who has hired J.T. There are whiffs of the The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins about that story but this one is more plausible. I am always nervous about the presence of India being mentioned in these fiction written by people who do not reside there, only because I am not very comfortable of flexible with the comments and drawing of inferences ( I even stopped reading one or two books recently when it put me off). This one was rather well done. It showed all sorts of views of the place as it must have been during the 1800s and included enough detail to make it easy to read through and build a pretty decent image of what the past events were. The present has someone killing of all those who were on the hunt for the ruby. I guessed the ending at a very crucial stage, hence the four stars and not the full five. J.T is methodical and you get the feeling that you are part of the hunt and the resolution, making it a very satisfying read.

I hope there will be more, but once again the ending made it seem like it was a series finale.

My last Kindle Unlimited read was The Woman in the Strongbox by Maureen O’Hagan

My current Kindle list looks like this:

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry  39924779 18799615 36604996 39083132 31815415  37759102 38721899 The Stones, the Crows, the Grass, the Moon (Missing collection) by [Kirn, Walter] 36434976

Anything in the list that I should pay immediate attention to?



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