End of the Lane by Sonia Parin

I requested this book on NetGalley because it was the first of a cozy mystery series. I have a penchant for cozy mysteries and they tend to be an interesting light read.

We are introduced to Abby Maguire in this book, who has moved thousands of miles away from her old life just to start over but walks in to find her new employer dead. Things get a lot crazier then as she acclimatized with her surroundings. We are introduced to a lot of interesting characters and there is a strong foundation for a lot of future stories. Some of the random interactions reminded me of the conversations my friends and I used to have. It was not easy to figure out who did the deed till the author actually leads you to the ending.

The only thing I was not comfortable with was the style of narration. There was more of telling than showing, everything just seemed to keep happening without giving me the time to actually digest/process the information or feel for the situation. This book released in the beginning of this year and I think holds some appeal for certain readers of this genre. It is a small book and does not take long to read in one sitting.

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