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The Sustainable Home by Christine Liu

I was very lucky to get a chance to read this book as my ‘wish’ was approved when I requested for an advance copy on NetGalley.

This is an interesting book which takes a very comprehensive view of how our day-to-day life can be made sustainable. It tackles an average life in sections, starting from one room in the house and moving on from there. There is a lot of background information provided about sustainable living in general and a few tips that we could adopt to move in that direction. It even tackles minimalistic ideas.

However, I was expecting something different from the book, there is only one recipe/idea in each section and the rest of it is (interesting) information which would be more useful for someone who has only just recently begun the journey in this direction. I knew a lot of what was being conveyed so personally it was not as applicable as it will be for someone with a home, and who only recently started to consider the implications of their consumption. Though I give it only three stars, I still recommend it to those who have started having thoughts about how their lives can be a lesser imposition on our planet and on others around us.

This book released last week.

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