Bunburry – Murder at the Mousetrap by Helena Marchmont

I have been recently struggling to read, not because the books are not interesting but loads of the other usual reasons. There are too many books to read, and the fact that I am not able to make any significant headway with any of them makes it harder for the reading rhythm to keep up ( as I am sure most of you know). I am little more than half way through the second book of the stormlight archives by Brandon Sanderson and it is huge! I thought I could encourage myself by reading something from cover to cover quickly.

I picked this book out of my reading list only because it had the least number of pages but it was such an unexpected treat! I have a soft spot for this genre, and most of the time it rewards me for its loyalty. Its length belies the quality of the tale. It does not take too many words to draw a very clear picture of the people in the small town of Bunburry. The writing was really very good, there is a lacing of humour through most of the lines (a trait I very much appreciate) and the people are very realistic. Alfie is in town to look at the house his aunt bequeathed to him. He does not have any memories with the aunt and the whole situation seems surreal to him. There are a lot of flashbacks which layer the story with enough fodder for future tales. I am actually eagerly looking forward to the next books in the series just to get better acquainted with the people in town.

One of the examples of Alfie’s train of thought ( woefully minimum I know but this was all I highlighted while I read!)

“..The nasal equivalent of a hallucination..”

There is an accident before he arrives and Alfie sets out to figure out the story behind it, and he gets a lot of help from his aunt’s friends while he gets more involved in the daily life around him. For those who have a chance to get their hands on this book and look favourable at this genre, do check it out for a few chuckles and time well spent.

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