Adventure, Mystery

Gideon’s Rescue (Gideon and Sirius #4) by Alan Russell


Narrated by : Jeff Cummings

I have reviewed a few other books by the author on this blog before:

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This book was next on my kindle unlimited list. The last one was : A Picture of Murder (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries #4) by T E Kinsey

The extent to which I enjoy the series should be evident from the fact that despite not having much of the cultural relevance to understand a lot of Gideon’s jokes, the character still resonates with me. I have not followed American culture enough to know the exactly what he is trying to say with the name dropping, but I think it would endear him to those who do. Gideon and his partner, a German shepherd have been through fire and back. He works odd hours and almost at his whim. It is good thing that Gideon is a dedicated detective bent on using that time for the good. This time, his cases have to do with cruelty towards dogs, a missing man and the serial killer he put behind bars continues to hold on to him by some means or the other. The book ends on an ominous note, laying pretty solid groundwork for the next book.

It has been proved to me, multiple times over that I am sucker for well narrated people. The better the people are ( by better I do not necessarily only mean good ), the better I feel that my time was spent. This tale has everything one would require from a book of this type, humour and sarcasm, a man trying to do justice, a lot of heart and very good dogs!

I replaced this book on my queue with something much lighter and because it has been a while:

Charity Girl

The rest of my list now looks like this:

18799615  39083132 31815415  37759102 38721899 The Stones, the Crows, the Grass, the Moon (Missing collection) by [Kirn, Walter] 36434976 289870 40657699

What do you think? Any books I should move up/down/out of the list?

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