Mirror Gate (Harbinger #2) by Jeff Wheeler

I finished listening to this book a few days earlier, but I had a friend over. While I was showing her and her husband around in the little time we had, I talked her ear off, getting a sore throat with a combination of talking continuously for two days straight and colder winds at higher altitudes. I now wonder what repercussions they are facing while listening to me for those two days!

This delayed my review but it also got me to think about it and while I was originally not sure of giving it five stars, I realised this is but a hidden gem. I know these books, as with  all the others written by the author are not as prevalent in the blogging world (at least the numerous ones I follow) as a few other authors in the fantasy realm.

I have reviewed quite a few of the author’s works on this blog, no small thanks to the audible accompaniment, which came with the kindle unlimited option!

I would recommend reading the books in the following order:


Narrator: Kate Rudd


There is a certain gift the author gives us for continued readership. He ties all the stories together with a common thread at some point on the other. Even though you expect the connection to jump out at any given time, it thrills you (or at least it thrills me!)

This is not a spoiler though, I will not mention which tie in occurs when , leaving you to enjoy the flow of the story. This is the second book in the series. The first was

40608549The thing that strikes me the most in this series, is that the two main characters are girls. They are strong girls who turn into young women in the second installment. The world continues to be biased towards the (wealthy)men, giving more power to them.This does not deter them in their quest to move ahead in their lives, that is until they hit immovable road blocks. Mirror Gate begins with the girls Sera and Cettie, four years older and very close friends. With studies coming to an end, they have to forge ahead with their lives. This is something most people, in the real world as well will be able to identify with. The troubles they face unfortunately are both otherworldly and politically motivated. There are multiple manipulations, fears and the storyline seem very appropriate, considering that so many pockets in the current scenario are fighting minor and major wars.

This story has great portrayals of people and has me looking forward to the next book in the series. It has done its work in being entertaining and the narrator has done a great job as well.

I know I may not be as coherent as I sometimes can be when talking about books I really liked, but a cold in the head does not assist in creating very provoking dialogue

The last book I read via KU was : Paying the Piper (Fleetwood & Sheils Thriller #1) by Simon Wood. Back to back audio reviews!!

37759102 31815415   38721899 The Stones, the Crows, the Grass, the Moon (Missing collection) by [Kirn, Walter] 36434976 289870 40657699 Charity GirlA Forever Thing (Three Magic Words Trilogy, #1)


is the book I will be downloading once it releases next week!

Any comments on my current reading list?

I have so many ARCS to read, I do not know where to begin!



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