The Winter Over by Matthew Iden


  • Narrated by: Karen Peakes

Two things are obvious from this post

  1. I am once again posting a kindle unlimited audible post quite close to the last : What I’ve Done (Morgan Dane #4) by Melinda Leigh
  2. I have repeated the pattern of posting multiple posts close together and then vanishing for a few days.

Neither of the above two points will make much sense to anyone who has happened to wander onto this post. Those who have been paying even the slightest attention to my last few posts will understand what I mean.

I did not start this post with the purpose of stating the obvious with no particular relevance, but I could not help myself. I will quickly get to the review at hand. The narration that went along with this book was brilliant. I would advise all those who spend a lot of time with audiobooks to give this narrator or the book a shot.

It is a thriller and once again, being unrealistic I would have been happy with a slightly happier ending but to those in the habit of reading thrillers, the ending would probably not be a deal breaker.

The story is of all the people in a particular scientific community who plan to winter over in antarctica. In the dark, in the middle of almost nowhere and at the mercy of the weather and a maniac (or many) is the perfect setting for almost everything to go out of control. I will not mention any one person in particular but something or someone chips away at the sanity of those forty odd people who are to be sequestered together for the betterment of science. It has the atmosphere to set the reader on edge and the whole episode seems like one crazy ride. The reason I am being so bland in the descriptions was that I went in blind and every introduction that was made added a layer of suspicion to my mind. I was a little annoyed part way thinking it might be too outlandish but I was pulled back in soon after.

I should probably continue with this author’s books soon, I am not adding it in this round but soon I intend to circle back to any available ones.

Last book by the author I reviewed:Birthday Girl

What do you think of my queue now?


The Stones, the Crows, the Grass, the Moon (Missing collection) by [Kirn, Walter]




Charity Girl

A Forever Thing (Three Magic Words Trilogy, #1)




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