Drama, Feel good

Night of Miracles by Elizabeth Berg

I did not initially have the option to request this book via NetGalley but then luckily got a chance thanks to a pre approved widget from Penguin Random House because I signed on to their list for international bloggers! This did not in any way affect how I feel about the book. The book by itself has the power to sway opinions.

The beautiful cover is one of the first things that catches your eye. The second might be the reference to the book: The Story of Arthur Truluv by Elizabeth Berg. This particular book was one that I reviewed at the tail end of last year (I cannot believe another year has gone by so soon!)

We return to the people a few years after we left them last. Although we return to a familiar place, it has just a few familiar names. This of course means that you can pick this book up without having the previous one as a frame of reference. Although reading it in order will help make the process more fulfilling. The town has a lot of fresh faces, some who have always been there unknown to us and a few newer ones with heartaches of their own. Each get to deal with their problems and in the process help each other out. I spent the second half of the book in tears. The only reason I did not give it a full five stars (if you are wondering about that, considering I am singing its praises ) is that they were too many people, each pulling me towards their own little story and that had me too distracted to internalize the entire thing. Some events may seem too convenient(the sprinkles of miracles), but that is the beauty of a tale such as this. It is a place where you go to seek shelter from the real trials of the world. A place where, despite not being perfect, people do the best that they can to make life a little more brighter !

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