Sci Fi

Battlestar Suburbia by Chris McCrudden


This is an interesting book to review. It is a book based in the future where the machines are overlords but not in the way that current trends fear. They have a mind of their own but they also have the matching flaws that go with power. It was not an easy read I have to admit, each depiction seems to be a carefully calculated statement which tends to hold a mirror out to our state ofย civilizedย society.

It is just another day on Earth and the surrounding inhabited satellites. The internet is a forbidden wasteland where the machines are prohibited to enter and the humans have lost the ability to indulge in. Things start to spiral out of control from a seemingly trivial problem. The entire escapade is only a few days long, but a lot is packed into it. I found some of the things mentioned in it fascinating although I think a decent understanding of the technology field, or basic understanding of mechanical and electronic equipment would be a bonus. The only reason it was not completely my cup of tea was that I was so focused on the ‘reality’ being discussed that I did not find the heart to laugh at anything that was happening, even at passing gaffes that were meant to lighten the mood. It took me a while to get into the groove to actually finish it, and I did finish it with the thought that it was a very unique book. It will make the day of a book club/reading group. It can be constantly discussed and still have fodder for thought.


17 thoughts on “Battlestar Suburbia by Chris McCrudden”

      1. I think prelude books auto approves if you review any of their books. They auto approved me once I submitted the review of scoundrels. I usually don’t request since the approvals are mostly for US residents.

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      2. I’ve been auto approved thanks to the Colin Watson books I reviewed. That was under the farrago banner. Also slightly dirty, but the rest of the story/ narration made up for it


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