Sci Fi

Gemina (The Illuminae Files #2) by Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff


I have a few random ramblings to get off my chest, but I think I will reserve that for after I review this book which should not take too long.I do not have too much to say with regards to this particular volume but I will most probably get my loquaciousness back soon enough, maybe even by the next post.

I picked this book up only because it was so much fun to read the first book. Not in the ‘what an amazing story way’ although it is not a bad one. The experience of reading it was fun. I liked the main characters in this more than the previous one and the ultimate solution of this book was more captivating but once again I felt like it dragged a bit. The focus now is on the main ship Hiemdall where the people of the last book were headed. But that is also under attack and chaos ensues while some brave souls try to save the universe! It had all the fancy stuff as its predecessor, the logs, the pages, even well done drawings.  All of the extras definitely made this a unique read and if someone asks me if they should read this book I would say ‘go for it’ because of the ingenious presentation. I will be reading the next book, the most highly rated of the lot and if it has all four of our main characters, it should make for some fast paced action.

Ok I am now done with the review, moving on:

  1. I reached 150 followers!!! I know that to many of you, it may not be a big number since I have actually been out here almost two years and ten of those are well-meaning family but it still feels awesome. A big thanks to all those who got me here 😀 😀
  2. I bought books after ages, they are all sewing books and it looks like I am actually going to cash in on my investment, as of today I almost finished a dress for my niece. I did a victory dance and then realised that I sewed the sleeves wrong and have to undo it tomorrow, else I would have reviewed the sewing books too. They(the books, that is) are pretty awesome. I might just do them together when I have enough completed projects to display but with my attention span, that might take forever, so I shall try to bear that in mind. Essentially I have little less than two weeks before I go away on holiday. I will be reviewing once in a while but I have some pretty big compilation lists planned, Hopefully I will be able to get them out in time to make it seem appropriate to the new year.

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