In Her Shadow by Mark Edwards


  • Narrated by: Esther Wane

I almost gave up on this book at exactly the halfway point. Not because the ambience was not creepy enough or the story twisted enough. I was starting to dislike one particular turn of the story that I was finding hard to process. I need not have worried , it was only one of the many twists and turns in the book and I managed to get past it. Everyone takes a turn at being the culprit, some more than once.

Isabel has been gone almost five years, but strange things are now happening to cause her family, her sister in particular to doubt if her death had indeed been an accident. Things get very chaotic, all the while holding on to the supernatural element in the background like some creepy music. I like author’s ability to immerse the reader in the feel of the book but the only thing that bugged me about this particular book was the number of dead ends we are taken to before turning around and starting over again, the first and last few were good enough but maybe even one less chase might have had me appreciating the book even more.

The narrator was pretty good too!

My last audible listen was The Widow’s Watcher by Eliza Maxwell and my list now looks like this:( I have started Iron Garland already and the first chapter packs a punch all by itself!)

40175492  40175491 36439328 13356706 40849216 17284593 Her Last Day (Jessie Cole, #1) The Art of Inheriting Secrets

I was not enjoying the one I started with so despite this book having lower ratings, I took it because the later books of the series have better reactions.


And because I remember seeing a lot of rave reviews of this book before:


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