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November 2018 BooksVsMoods

Last month’s edition: October 2018 Books vs Moods

The following are books that I liked of the ones I read last month, enough to recommend them in the appropriate mood I think would suit them the most. 

They are not in any particular order and the book covers do link back to the reviews, in case you missed them or if they look interesting.

After making the list I realised that there was a dominant theme in November:

Dominant mood reading of November turns out to be Restless Energy/Thrillers!

Restless energy (Chase/thrill)

39083132 40942181 41945798  Close to the Bone (Widow's Island, #1) 39890691 16170191 

Rainy day read(cosy/comfortable/Tearful)

39970739 The Murder of My Aunt by Richard   Hull 39296114  

Reading group analysis( Profound/cerebral/debatable)

 38509773 36612327 








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