Chick lit, Romance

On the Same Page by Penelope Janu


I wanted a lighter read and looking at my still unread list I randomly chose this book because an edition of it released yesterday.

This was a good choice when it comes to a light mood reading. It is the story of Miles who is a lawyer officially and secretly pens historical novels of the more explicit kind. I personally am not a big fan of the more graphic ones, I feel like less is sometimes more but that is one of the topics tackled here. The prejudice that comes along with reading/writing such books. I may have used ‘guilty read’ myself a time or two when talking about these books. This story focuses on that aspect and also on the amount of research and effort a good historical romance needs in order to stand the test of scrutiny. Miles has annoyingly famous (literary) parents who have not managed to do much good when it comes to their daughter but she has a boatload of other people to back her up in her personal life.

Her friend/assistant submits the pseudonym as an entry for a writers award which starts events which spiral out of control while Miles tries to keep up the charade of being two people. There is a lot of chaos and as we get to read about her other books simultaneously, this is actually more than one story put together in these pages. There were some tears and some admiration as well as a whole lot of other feelings on my part while Miles struggles to make sense of her feelings for her career as well as for the man in charge of her contract with a publishing house. Overall a pretty great option for readers of the genre (or maybe even if you want to check out the genre)

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