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Cooking with Scraps by Lindsay-Jean Hard

I requested and was granted an advance copy of this book ages before the publication date but unfortunately I did not get around to paying specific attention till I saw that my time was almost over and my last download of the copy was expiring!

I wish I had more time with it but I did get sufficient time to read through it once. It is a pretty inspiring title. It is not just for those experimental chefs but also those who are environmentally conscious. There are so many suggestions right now on what we can do with our waste in the news, on popular media as well as in many discussion forums. This books gives detailed information on how to tackle the leftover parts of the fruit,veg and even meat (for those who eat it) and combine it with a few normal ingredients to make interesting food. I did not try any of them, but they looked easy enough and there is just the right amount of background information to make reading the book interesting.

For those inclined in trying out something different this holidays, this is a book that might give you food for thought as well as the stomach (now that cannot be an original statement but it sounds about right).

2 thoughts on “Cooking with Scraps by Lindsay-Jean Hard”

  1. This sounds so interesting! I’ve read about using scraps to make vegetable broths but haven’t tried it yet, I just never have the freezer space to store it. Would be interesting to see what other options there are!

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