Iron Garland (Harbinger #3) by Jeff Wheeler

Narrator: Kate Rudd

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If you are yet to check out my previous reviews do click on the first two cover pages and read them before venturing further. I have some awesome news with regards to this series which would make more of an impact if you travelled back in time a bit and saw my reactions to the rest of the author’s books.

I have gushed about the books in relatively more excitement with each passing review.

I would recommend reading the books in the following order:

The author rewards the people who continue to read each different series because of the loose tie-ups he hides in each. They seem like gifts as we stumble across them as if meeting an old friend (I may have used this description before, but I can not top it at this point)

I am going to find it hard to jump about and tell you how much I loved this book without giving away too many things which I would rather not. I listened to it on audio (all hail kindle unlimited) and did not see the surprises coming and there is this scene in Book Love by Debbie Tung where she frantically searches for someone, anyone, who has read the book at that precise moment of revelation which amply defines my predicament.

I shall now attempt to tell you what this installment is about. Sera and Cettie are now three years older, and definitely wiser. The war (unfortunate spoiler) is brutal and there is the usual chaos and changes are going to be attempted. As usual our young ladies (each with their own distinct voice) is at the centre of it all. I know some emotional tangles may seem familiar but once again we should not be lulled into complacency in thinking we know how things are going to work themselves out! Each person is very fleshed out, there are so many heart-rending moments as well as the previously mentioned OMG (I cannot believe I have resorted to this acronym) moment(s).

I also cannot believe I have to wait till march for the next installment 😦
Have you read the book?Am I making too much of it or did you feel the same way? I ask this because of checking my post I do not sound like myself!

I did not feel like putting the rest of my KU list like I usually do, as I have done in the previous case as well: In Her Shadow by Mark Edwards but my innate need for consistency dictates I do so here goes:

40175491 36439328 13356706 40849216 17284593 Her Last Day (Jessie Cole, #1) The Art of Inheriting Secrets 21888226  36989216



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