Adventure, Drama

Lights on the Sea by Miquel Reina

The Goodreads Choice awards results are out and surprisingly I was less excited about the results this year when I knew more of the books than when I had stumbled on it last year. I have been underwhelmed by a few books that came out on top and vice versa. I am not saying I do not agree with the winners, it is just that when I look at the order of popular votes, I was more than a little surprised. That might just be me though.

My next audible book (after this review) is a shorter novella so i will do my usual KU update in that one, which just might be tomorrow.


  • Narrated by: Malcolm Hillgartner

This book is not for those who are looking for a quantifiable solution in their tale. There is no plot as such, just a lot of emotions and more of soul-searching. An old couple find themselves preparing to leave their home of more than three decades. They do have change on their horizon just not the way they expect it. I know this sounds dull but that is not the impression I am trying to convey.

It is a story of a journey and how it changes things between them and the outlook they have on life as a whole. It does end poetically, just not satisfactorily enough for me. It seemed harsh at times to consider the physical grunt work they end up doing at their age.

I found the translation very pleasant. There were times when I had to suspend my cynical outlook to go along with the story. This is probably the only reason I gave it three instead of four stars. If you have read it or listened to it, I am talking about the fact that they were able to communicate in the one language they knew at a crucial stage as well as the age factor I mentioned earlier. Without those things bothering me, it was a pretty good tale. If you like character based stories of emotional growth, this is something you would enjoy.


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