Away With Words by Henrik Hoeg


I am a little abashed, writing this review this late. This review and the book are multiple firsts. The first would be the fact that the author sent me a physical copy of the book. This is the first and only such instance so far. Second and the more obvious one is that it is poetry. I have had friends who wrote poetry and even had workshops in english class in school that taught us the rules of different types of poetry, none of which I remember now.

I did warn the author that I am not that avid a consumer of poetry not because I am completely clueless (I am only slightly so), but because it just is harder to read(for me). It turned out to be true because I only quite recently finished reading it.I would recommend this to those people who do read a lot of poetry because it is pretty light but simultaneously interesting. A few were thought provoking, and some funny. One or two were not my cup of tea but considering the number of poems, it was quite inevitable that there be a few I did not get/like. Overall this is a pretty eclectic mix of small passages, well worth a shot.

I am glad I got a chance to try the book out!

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