Chick lit, Mystery

Lesson Plan for Murder by Lori Robbins

I saw this book on my auto approved list on NetGalley a little before it got archived and I am glad I jumped at the chance to read it. The cover does not lend itself to an accurate assessment of the quality of the story narration was and I finished the entire book in almost one complete sitting while enjoying every minute of it.

The only reason (I need to mention this upfront in case you look at the rating in the tag and wonder at the difference between the gushing and the post) that this book was not a five-star read was that I was not satisfied with the relationship between the leading lady and her husband. There was no affirmative reasons provided about what we are supposed to think of him and I dislike feeling that lost, this would not be a problem for most people I am sure.

Moving on to the story itself, Liz Hopewell is an English teacher, a loner for the most part. She is one of those absolutely normal people with a slightly above average amount of curiosity. When the least liked (which is saying something since no one in this small high school seems to like one another) teacher in the English staff is found mysteriously dead, there is an investigation. Liz feels personally vested since she feels like the deceased has left a set of clues that only she can decipher. Her husband dissuades her but her (self-centered) sister eggs her on. She is in more danger than she can imagine and as she bumbles her way through an amateur investigation, things fall into place with more than a little help from chance an interesting detective.There are a few literary references, just the right amount to give the feel  for it and not sound too highbrow.

To those who are fans of this genre, this is a must read, to others it will still be a treat(Did I mention it was quite subtly humorous as well?). I think it’s the start to a series and if that is the case, I am looking forward to the next one.

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