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2018 Long List III – Comics and Cozy reads

This is the Third of my Five-part long list because last year’s list: My 2017’s long list! was a little too cumbersome for my taste(you can still check it out 🙂 ). It was a last minute plan executed in a slipshod manner, this time I want it to be more helpful to those people looking for interesting reads in the upcoming year.If even one person picks up a book from this list and enjoys it, it would make my day!

Previous posts:

  1. Long List I : Inspirational books
  2. Long List II : Series’

I plan to release one per day, pre-scheduled and only review anything I read in that time next year. It will be a test of my will but I shall try my utmost to stick to this plan.

These books are not in any particular order of preference and the covers lead back to my reviews in a new page, so you can keep this one open. This particular list will indicate how I managed to read so many books this year. They are lighter, faster reads than most.

Comics/Graphic Novels deserve their own list:

35924718 10054014 34713646 40408616 3929611434536957

Cosy reads for anytime:

 36299353 36561699 35564758 22015627 36492005 34320324 34466489 32600707 18693716  39086791 12765722   10053428 9571300 The Reluctant Widow audiobook cover art 39303390 12377535 7627880  37926369 Sea of Memories  


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