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2018 Long List IV – Thrilling and Abstract

This is the fourth of my Five-part long list because last year’s list: My 2017’s long list! was a little too cumbersome for my taste(you can still check it out 🙂 ). It was a last minute plan executed in a slipshod manner, this time I want it to be more helpful to those people looking for interesting reads in the upcoming year.If even one person picks up a book from this list and enjoys it, it would make my day!

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  1. Long List I : Inspirational Books and Learning Tools
  2. Long List II: Series
  3. Long List III: Comics and Cozy Reads

This is a big list, so kindly be patient with me an do check it out at your leisure because I think this might appeal to the most number of people. All covers lead back to the appropriate reviews for your perusal.

Books that dance to their own tunes – Soaring of abstract fancies 

30809689 373951 6294 30107251  331679 35638058 25451777 37942707 365 357 33790435   From Rocket Boys to October Sky 36332910 116296 26631470 Marilla of Green Gables  31143761 32620332  32733010 40190686 40942181

Something fast paced and mysterious (both partly), and with a dash of adventure:

32618152  31702538 36373481 38112432 34914739 37562080  34530003 13508607  38649604  36036244 The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle   32758901 35881496 39234326 14524655  40519734 12600138 32682118 34936739 42275914 37759102 39890691 The Good Son

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