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2018 Long list V – The rest of recommendations

This is the last of my Five-part long list because last year’s list: My 2017’s long list! was a little too cumbersome for my taste(you can still check it out 🙂 ). It was a last minute plan executed in a slipshod manner, this time I want it to be more helpful to those people looking for interesting reads in the upcoming year.If even one person picks up a book from this list and enjoys it, it would make my day!

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  3. Long List III: Comics and Cozy Reads
  4. Long List IV: Thrilling and Abstract

I have just collected all the other recommendations that did not really fit in the other lists or they just made them more cumbersome.

Each cover leads back to the review, please do check out the ones that catch your fancy!

35569385 34862881 28240449 19101264 36214422  34273236 37883830 4048108  12012330 9733308 35825161 3407877 21104828 The Clockmaker's Daughter 36329196 37803340  37456833  The Man Who Didn’t Call 39653696 37804671  13609775 40409285  39884612 16170191


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