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2018 Mega Stats

I enjoyed making the graphs of my Mid Year Stats – 2018 so much that I decided to make two editions of it. It was originally supposed to be just one at the end of the year but I talked about all that in that particular post. It was pretty well received and I got immense satisfaction from the responses from the few people who did see it. I have been lucky to have quite a few followers sign up since then. If you are one of those, Thank you! and do check out the previous stats also.

I read a total of 303 books according to my own table(a one book discrepancy exists with the Goodreads list vs my own excel sheet, which does not seem to properly check out how many times I go over it). Before you assume this extremely large number seems an impossible number,I need to point out a few things to clarify how I achieved it.It is the first time in my life that I have actually read these many books. It is something I can completely be sure of even if I have never kept such tallies till I joined goodreads.

  • I do not have a full-time paying job so this is pretty much a full time gig with a lot of other interesting stuff I do at the side(More on that in posts in the next year). That might change next year but we only have to wait and see. It depends a lot on how much effort I put into trying to change my status
  • I listened to a LOT of audible books thanks to my list of kindle unlimited books that I subscribe to. I do that while I sew,walk,cook,crochet and clean(I do a lot of some and lesser of the others). This massively boosted my total.
  • Finally a few books are cooking/home improvement,comics and other random stuff which do not require the same time investment as some of the others.

Books by Gerne

Threads of Awen by Awen Thornber

Was the highest rated on GoodReads with 5 stars.

I went a little overboard and made graphs for every single detail that I tabulated over time when I discovered the feel for the stats

First we have the audible listening hours vs genre. Total hours heard: 649 hours ( Oh My God! This sounds so alien) approx = 27+ days. My sole access to audible is thanks to my Kindle unlimited account.

audible hours

I am not a very diverse reader and do not necessarily indulge in books bigger than the mundane. This particular list gave me hope for change in my upcoming year.

Original Language Number of Books
French 2
German 6
Japanese 2
Korean 1
Spanish 1
Swedish 1
English 290

Books that were standalone and the others are part of a series. I did not isolate the series so some of that number can belong to each other.

Series 126
Standalone 177

The number of pages I read in books divided by genre and my gender of author (only to give multiple perspectives). Total pages read: 75219

Number of pages by genre,mvsf

The following graph details the number of books per genre with the same concept

Male vs Female genrewise

My percentage of Non fiction did not improve unfortunately, I will make a more conscious effort next year to have a better division. It will never be 50-50 , but I aim for anything higher than this.

Fiction vs Non Fiction

Of those books, The percentage of books written by Male vs Female authors and the few that were written by multiple authors. This was not much of a surprise and I am glad it was not more lopsided.

Male vs Female

The year of publication is always interesting. Maybe, just maybe I will draw a graph of years written about. That range is a little bit chaotic though so I don’t know if it is even feasible. Zoom for more clarity.

Year of publication

The format of books that I read: Arcs are technically ebooks, but I just wanted the difference noticed. Since I do not actually purchase too many books (We do not have much space to store books unfortunately. It is a dream to one day have a room to house said books, THEN I shall buy books)

Format of book

How I accessed said books:


With regards to the above pie chart, the following special comments apply:

Special Points Number of Books
Also an ARC (Heard it on audible instead) 1
Blog review 18
Bought the book after reading as ARC 3
Friend Recommended (This applies to most fantasy) 9
GoodReads Choice awards 7
Internet 3
NetFlix(This is also a strange reverse trend) 2

Last but not the least: I am a traditionalist (at least in the GoodReads Fashion) with my ratings being out of five. I also seem to be stuck in that zone of giving four stars a lot, but my books were that good!


This is just an extra topping added to show what kind and where I ended up liking my books from.

I think the following graph indicates that I still tend to favour physical books with more affection and that the digital content has to work harder for similar appreciation. I wonder if that is set to change in the coming year.


If I overdid the graphs and you are tired by the time you get to this point I apologize but if you enjoyed it even half as much as I did then Yay!

I did make other lists this year: (This one will link to all others, do hop around for some entertainment.

I think I exhausted what I could from my data, if I learn some new tricks next year I will come up with something more. If you think of something do let me know.

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  1. So fun to read your stats! Wow that’s absolutely incredible that you read so many books!! Well done!! And that’s so incredible that you read so many arcs and that the ratings were so good overall 😀 Very fun to read all this! Love your charts!

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