Blogger recognition award

Blogger Recognition Award

Happy New Year to all!! Hope you have a great year in every way!

I decided that after my 2018 Mega Stats ( do check out and comment/share if you have not already) that I should start this year off not with a book review but something different. I was nominated a while back by Dora @Swift Coffee.

The special part of this is that it is the first time I have been tagged for an award/meme.I would like to thank Dora for nominating me for it 🙂  If you have not checked out Dora and her diligent collection of all the upcoming week’s new releases and her special upbeat mondays, do so!!


The requirements for this award are as follows:

• Thank the blogger that nominated you

• Write a post to show your award

• Give a brief story of how your blog started

• Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers

• Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to

• Comment on each blog and let them know you’ve nominated them, and provide the link to the post you’ve created

The story behind my blog:

I moved to Hong Kong with my husband in 2015 and had to leave behind a job as a network engineer in the US (not that I was doing that for too long either, but still it was a change). I know this seems a strange way to start a tale in connection with my blog, but bear with me and I will get there shortly!

I have always been a big reader. I started reading English books at the age of six and never looked back. It was therefore my fallback to occupy my time when I had time on my hands and a kindle and a public library system at my disposal. I added books to GoodReads like clockwork and my father and my husband, both kept pointing out that I could start a blog (my father was trying to get me to write about Hong Kong but I said there were enough such blogs floating around). Then one fine day in 2017, I decided enough was enough and gave it a shot. The word ‘superfluous reading’ popped into my self-deprecating thoughts that usually accompany my plans to do something new. Then the blog was born but it was not till six months later that I ventured outside of my small box to other people’s blog and tentatively made contact with this alien world where SO many people were reading and loving it! In a (not so small) nutshell, this is the story behind my blog. I go a little more explanatory in my about this blog  and Also about this blog pages.

Advice for New bloggers?

I can only speak from experience and do so when I say that if you want to do this, start a book blog and live in this community, do not wait too long. Jump at any chance you get. Take that chance to both create the blog as well as interact with your fellow bloggers because this world would be colourless without the whole back and forth of reactions and suggestions.

Do not lose heart over visitor stats because the few who do take the time out to read your stuff will make your day with just a positive thought or two.

Unfortunately I do not have fifteen bloggers that I can narrow this down to so I apologize for not exactly completing this award but I did want to start my new year with it! Thanks again Dora!

8 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award”

  1. Awesome post!! You’re very welcome, you deserved the nomination! 😉 It was really interesting reading your post. And thank you very much for the shout out!! ❤️📚 Happy new year!

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