Historical fiction, Mystery

Murder at Blackburn Hall (High Society Lady Detective Book 2) by Sara Rosett


The previous book of the series that I reviewed was :(you can check out


I love the fact that I am starting my reviews this year with a five-star read. Meanwhile, I will continue to redirect your attention to my 2018 Mega Stats till I get bored with the conversations that get started at its viewing. I do not think I am going to get bored of that any time soon, do check it out if you have not already, it is my pride and joy.

I do not know what drew me into the first book exactly, but when I got a chance to support the author and in exchange be given access to an advance copy of the next book I jumped at the chance. This does not mean my review is biased in any form. I just really like Olive.

Olive is still broke but not as badly off as before since her initial foray into detective work. Jasper makes an early entry into the tale. I think its their delicate (budding) relationship that is making me enjoy this series. Jasper has an idea, he feeds Olive and then directs her attention to a man in need of her discreet enquiring services. She follows through and ends up in the middle of yet another suspicious death. This time she is also a possible suspect. There are a lot of conversations in this book (as in the last one) and putting them in between the rest of narration can get stilted in my opinion. I am a little sensitive to that ratio and have not really liked quite a few ‘cozy mysteries’ because of that. I am not sure if I am being clear enough but if anyone has faced the same issue they may identify with my predicament. This series has got the style down just right, I feel involved in the story, appreciate the nicer people, dislike the possible villains and their motives and root for Olive and Jasper to get together ASAP!

It was a breeze to read this, while being equally difficult to predict the actual culprit. Overall a great book in its genre and time well spent. I look forward to getting my hands on the third.

Update: This new year, in order to do something new I joined the affiliate program with Book Depository. I am including the affiliate link of this book. I love the ease with which the books arrive in my mailbox so much so that I have recently started buying books again!

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