The Art of Inheriting Secrets by Barbara O’Neal


Narrator: Stina Nielsen

After a lot of audibles back to back at the end of last year, there has been a significant drop in them here on the blog. Mostly since I am with family, I keep my ears free even if I am actually reading a book. Also I mention yet again my post 2018 Mega Stats to anyone who has not seen it yet!

Today after a very long time, I bought a book. I was testing  my self-control when visiting a book fair. I will talk more about the book which I have to finish in the next four days before I head back from my holiday. So it should not be long before you get a more descriptive tale of my day. This post is going to be published after the next one since I do not have to update it anywhere other than my blog and goodreads. The other being an arc needs more attention paid to it and I cannot schedule the threads that will hang from it.

Circling back to this book. It was absolutely brilliant. I remember faintly, other books I read by the author that were equally evocative but this one’s experience far exceeded anything I expected. Also the narrator took the whole feel to a very high level. She might have set the bar that I would expect out of all my other audibles this year! I will probably try to find more by her. It hit me unexpectedly, I was not expecting much when I pushed it ahead of the LOTR book I was listening to because I wanted something different on a long bus ride. Once it began, I had to see her through even if it meant messing up my queue.

This is a story of a woman who has been handed a secret by her mother who recently passed away. Her body is broken as is her heart and both get a chance at recovery in this tale. She has flown across the world just to find out that she knew nothing about her mother’s past or her own roots. There were a few parts which did not click but they were insignificant in comparison to rest of the book I have to say this was a five-star listen. She finds new friends, a history to root for and a sense of belonging. Every emotion is described vividly and painted in shades that will appeal to those who read such books. It is all about the feeling, the thoughts and the emotions that she experiences and each are put together in painstaking detail. The mystery part of it is not too hard to figure out but it is but a part of the puzzle. Do not go into this book looking for a beginning, a middle and an end because it is more than that. There are a few explicit scenes but if you are uncomfortable with those, they can be easily skipped over but the romance itself is pretty much the central to the plot.

My last Kindle Unlimited review was A Bone to Pick by Melinda Leigh

My current list looks like this:

13356706  17284593 Her Last Day (Jessie Cole, #1)  21888226  36989216 38587350 Repressed (Deadly Secrets, #1) 34396339 40012112 36097621

What do you think of it?


Affiliate link to Book Depository, if you are interested in purchasing a physical copy of the book. I get a small percentage of the price at no extra cost to you

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