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The Seven Sisters (The Seven Sisters #1) by Lucinda Riley


I am not much of a rebel, I hate to swim against the tide most of the time. Sometimes though I end up having to stand by my own impressions even though it is the harder choice. Why I began with this ominous note will be more than obvious once you read this post all the way through.

As mentioned in an older post I visited a book fair with my parents after forever. To be truthful the main reason I do not invest in actually buying books because I am not a very big re-reader especially now, considering my new diet of advance reviewer copies. This time, with the discount they offered and the fact that I heard so much about this book I thought I’d buy it and leave it behind so as to not have the trouble to find the physical shelf space for it. I have read so many great reviews for this book and during the time I was taking sewing classes my teacher also told me she was relishing the book/series.

I started it last night with high hopes and a lot of expectation. I thought I might have starting trouble acclimatizing with the book but as I read in a marathon spree today, it did not get much better. I agree that it might be hard to comprehend that I finished such a big chunk of a book in a day but I am at my parent’s place and being pampered into not lifting a finger does provide the time to get this much reading done . I am not saying I did not like the complete book, but keeping in mind the mindset that I went in with, I was sorely disappointed. Now moving on to the explanation: This is the story of six sisters, the first book being all about the first sister. They were adopted as infants and brought to their own private island. The concept is brilliant, it has all the makings of an awesome saga. The mysterious benefactor, the varied personalities and the far flung locations all add the spice and give me hope for the next book. As Maia finds her way into the secrets of her birth with a lot of help from her Pa salt from beyond the grave, she finds more than one new person to call her own.

I am no new comer to sagas, once upon a time they were all I read. I have also mentioned before that I need the narration and conversation within quotes to go well together. Throughout the book, the conversations felt stilted, failing to get me teared up the right moments as I would have otherwise. I give this book three stars for the setting and the concept, but I really hope I like the narration better in the next one. This attitude towards conversations in books of course is a very personal issue, I have noticed. A lot of people do not let this interrupt their flow with the story but it is a bit of a roadblock for me. I intend to read the second book this year and actually look forward to getting possibly excited about the series once again.

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