What Happens in France by Carol Wyer

I am glad I am still sticking to the pre release posting plan of mine. This book is set to release on January 28th.


This is not a book that you can judge by its cover or tone. It starts off in the light category, winds its way through possible mystery category and back to the happily ever after. I received an advance copy thanks to NetGalley and the publishers. I am glad I got a chance to read this book!

I have seen quite a few thrillers written by the author being praised in the blogging world and I can see the traces of that genre in this story.

The plot is very unique as is the camaraderie between the different people in the story. There is a lot about the relationships that is shown to us instead of just telling us the depth. Our leading lady Bryony is an avid quizzer and a teacher in the local school. She is in a bit of a fix. Her father’s health is deteriorating and they still have unfinished business with her sister. The sister, Hannah’s whereabouts are not known neither is the fact if she is still alive. Bryony has been thinking up unique schemes to get more information about what happened to her and in the best case scenario, find her.

The focus of the tale is definitely the scheme which involves her taking part in a game show!Much of the book deals with the complexities and interesting possibilities of what might happen on the sets. There is a littering of facts, thrown in for good measure. Bryony makes new friends and gets more help then expected in finding her sister. There were parts I really enjoyed and parts I read through faster just to get to the other end. This latter bit is the only reason for the slightly lower rating. If people are not as restless as me, they will be able to sail through the book at approximately the same speed throughout. This book should be read for the people(something I mentioned before as well) and for the new angle. I do enjoy game shows and this added a distinct flavour to the read.


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