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I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella

I Owe You One

I started this book with some qualms (I know I am repeating a version of how I began my previous review, but it is true!) because of the conflicting number of reviews available online.

I understand why that might be because I was annoyed with Fixie in the first quarter of the book because she seemed like a woman-child with her obsessions and her need to take things literally as well as the way her thoughts were conveyed to us. Then once that phase passed and the situations changed and she dealt with them all and matured over the remainder of the tale, made up for it. I even shed a few tears with the ending (my favourite way of wrapping up a story of this sort)

Almost everyone has a sort of redemption arc in this book, some believable, some required for the full effect of the tale while not completely believable but since we are only given tiny windows into the people’s lives, it can satisfy us for the time being.

  • Fixie lives up to her name whether people around want her to or not. She is the woman at the center of it all. She is trying to hold her family and their shop together while at the same time trying to make sense of her love life and her obsession with her childhood crush. She starts a chain of events by saving Seb’s laptop and he decides that he owes her. She doesn’t think she would take that seriously, until she does.
  • Seb is the man of the hour, the guy who does good but has his own arc to complete. I really do not understand his relationship with his ‘girlfriend’ and the way it swings around so quickly!
  • Jake the elder brother, the bane of her childhood (even though she does not label him as such). His redemption is difficult and a little convoluted and I for one did not feel like letting a few things go! His girlfriend is an interesting addition to his role in the whole scenario.
  • Nicole the sister could have been dealt with a little bit more but she and their mother had probably the same amount of time for us to make up our minds about them.Both are poles apart as they deal with humankind in general.
  • Then there’s the best friend, the old flame (Ryan, the most absurd villain). Overall I had fun with them all and the ending sealed the rating for me. I think the narration/writing carried off the parts where the story slowed. The store and all the people involved in it (both customers and the staff) were pretty randomly funny. This is something that you have to read till the end before you make up your mind, it will be worth the effort!

I received an advance copy thanks to NetGalley and the publishers and I am glad I got a chance to read it. The review is solely my own personal opinion of the book. The book is set to release on the 7th

Affiliated link to purchase the book:Book Depository

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